Russia’s Putin sees risks of gas transit interruption to Europe via Ukraine

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday there were risks that Russian gas transit via Ukraine to Europe could be interrupted.

The current gas transit deal between Russia and Ukraine is expiring at the end of this year and Moscow has said it could consider clinching a short-term deal with Kiev, as it needs time to finish building pipelines bypassing Ukraine to continue gas exports to Europe, its biggest gas export market.

(c) Reuters


  1. Muscovy must be getting short on propaganda this week. First Ukrainian pensioners are freezing to death again, now Ukraine are a risk in transporting gas to Europe. Perhaps botox face could tell the Brazilians how many times since Russia invaded Ukraine, has the gas been interrupted to Europe.

  2. The presence of foreign troops, so-called green men from Russia, indeed poses a threat. It’s up to the Putin to clear this mess…

  3. Its time to stop any gasimport from the Russia. Nordstream can only be used for 50% after EU-laws implied.

  4. Ukraine best to not sign short term contract. Let the weasels in the EU get a dose of the consequenses of dealing with Pootletstan. By the middle of December and no contract signed they will start to crap bricks.

    • Darn right. It looks like Europe is also supporting another 10-year deal and the KGB bootlickers are running out of excuses. Besides, why would it be at risk? Ukraine has been transporting the stuff for decades and even under occupation. Are the Putlerites planning another gas provocation?

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