Russia denies its involvement in death of White Helmets founder

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated in a post on its Facebook page that allegations of British media about Russia’s involvement in the death of one of the White Helmets organization founders, James Le Mesurier, are groundless.

On November 11, The Independent published an article stating that “James Le Mesurier, British co-founder of the White Helmets, has been found dead, just days after the Russian Foreign Ministry menaced him, accusing him of being a spy.”

“His death comes just three days after he was publicly attacked by Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, who on Friday [November 8], claimed he was a former agent of Britain’s MI6 [Secret Intelligence Service],” reads the article.

Earlier, the non-governmental organization White Helmets confirmed the death of the founder of the non-profit charity Mayday Rescue, James Le Mesurier.

White Helmets is a non-governmental organization that operates in parts of opposition-controlled Syria.

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