Lavrov: Russia won’t cooperate with EU at expense of China

An abnormal situation was created after the EU supported the coup abroad that took place the morning after the agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine was signed through the mediation of France, Germany and Poland. This is what Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov declared during a meeting with the students of the Diplomatic School of Armenia at Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (Matenadaran) today.

According to him, that was when the opposition terminated the document and referred to itself as the winning opposition, not the opposition for national concord, after which there was a direct assault on the Russian language.

“After that, the armed groups in Ukraine ordered to deport the Russians from Crimea. It turns out that the agreement is meaningless for those who organized the coup,” he stated, adding that anti-terrorist operations are still taking place in Ukraine and were launched by Poroshenko.

“Can anyone recall an episode in 2014 when there were attacks from Donbas towards the remaining parts of Ukraine? When the Europeans want to state March of 2014 as the point in the report, Russia reminds them about the agreement on political settlement that was signed in February,” he clarified and stated that the President of France recently called things by their names when he said Europe is less competitive without Russia.

“All Russia can add is that it won’t cooperate with the EU at the expense of China or another partner and will only cooperate with countries and partners that are positive,” the minister concluded.

(c) News AM


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