Putin: Russia will become a global leader in artificial intelligence

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia could and should become one of the global leaders in the field of artificial intelligence.

During his speech at the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference in Moscow, he noted the potential of Russian education in the fields of mathematics, physics, and other exact sciences.

Putin stressed that the success in the field of artificial intelligence depends on the development of such areas as “comfortable and safe cities, affordable and high-quality medicine, education, modern logistics and reliable transport system, space exploration, the oceans, and the country’s defense.” According to Putin, officials at all levels, as well as law enforcement officials, should be familiar with artificial intelligence technologies.

Putin proposed to develop ethical standards of human interaction with artificial intelligence, as well as to increase the volume and quality of training of artificial intelligence specialists in Russia.

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  1. And how will mafia land accomplish this feat with its intelligentsia leaving the country by droves? That’s right, it can’t. It’s only the little monkey’s hot air fantasies.

  2. Yeah,if the Russian definition of “artificial ” is
    Unreal , bogus, counterfeit,faked, false,phony

  3. This is the kind of thing a proper Leader does. If only shorty could realise that the resources currently wasted on offensive unrealistic ideas are better used for such schemes.

    I personally know there are some brilliant people in vatnikistan, these people would be better employed in the opposite direction to their current hacking, disinformation and Political manipulation.

    What is it about honesty and honourable intentions that seems so difficult for every Country in this World to adopt?

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