Russia to hand over fighter jet and tank production technology to India

After the transfer of the early warning system for missile attack technology to China, Russia plans to hand over several military technologies to India.

Russian officials are negotiating with India the possibility of joint production of Su-30MKI fighter jets, reports Vedomosti news outlet, citing a source close to the Russian Defense Ministry. The parties are discussing the possible sale of 12 to 18 kits to assemble Su-30MKI fighter jets at the factories of the Indian state-owned aerospace and defense company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in the city of Nashik. India does not want to buy ready-made equipment and looks for opportunities to establish licensed production of fighter jets to utilize the capacity of its largest defense enterprises, says the Manager of one of the Russian defense enterprises.

Also, the parties are discussing the contract for the production of 464 Russian T-90MS tanks at the facilities of the Indian state-owned Heavy Vehicles Factory in Chennai. The tanks are expected to be manufactured using the parts supplied by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod.

The interlocutor of Vedomosti says, that “India’s position on this issue is clear. India wants to utilize its industrial capacity to guarantee high-paying jobs and social stability. Russian enterprises are ready to hand over the technology to India.”

The total cost of the agreements is amounted to up to $3 billion, and they are linked to India’s deal to buy five sets of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems.

After almost a year of analysis and assessment of US sanctions risks, the Indian government had made an advance payment of $900 million, which will allow to start implementing the agreement in 2020.

The deal between Moscow and Delhi to purchase of S-400 missile systems is estimated at $5.4 billion.

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  • In other words, mafia land’s manufacturing capabilities have become so poor that it must rely on a third-world nation to assure production. No, they have an ice cube’s chance in hell to catch up with us.

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