“We can’t help” – Japan refused visa to Crimean saxophonist due to non-recognition of Russian annexation of Crimea

Japanese authorities have banned the entry of a saxophonist from Crimea Veronika Kozhukharova, who received a Russian passport after the illegal Russian annexation of the peninsula.

Her colleague, harpist and composer Aleksandr Boldachev, with whom the young woman was supposed to perform in Japan, informed about the incident.

The Japanese embassy in Moscow insists that Kozhukharova obtain a visa in Kyiv as a citizen of Ukraine, because Japan does not recognize the Russian annexeation of Crimea.

According to Boldachev, the Japanese diplomatic mission noted that they could not give a visa to Ukrainians, “who forcibly changed their passport into Russian.”

The composer tried to justify the Russian annexation of Crimea, but the diplomat, whom the representative of Russian culture called “the eternally bowing Japanese,” kindly replied that he could not help.

Если человек не идёт к политике, она идёт к нему…Было время, и я, жадно, потреблял новости, искал исторические…Опубліковано Alexander BoldachevВівторок, 5 листопада 2019 р.

Today, Russian actress Margarita Abroskina was not allowed into Kyiv and was banned from entering Ukraine for three years due to illegal visits to the annexed Crimea.

(c) QHA


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