Ukraine ready for reverse gas supplies from Romania if Russia halts transit

The work was performed in accordance with the CES European Gas Connectivity initiative. REUTERS PJSC Ukrtransgaz, the operator of Ukraine’s gas transportation system (GTS), has completed the modernization of the Hrebenyky gas metering station in Odesa region, which will allow reverse supplies of natural gas if the Russian Federation halts transit shipments via Ukraine to the European Union.


The facility’s readiness for work was verified and confirmed by representatives of the associated GTS operator, Moldovagaz, which signed a corresponding act, Ukrtransgaz’s press service said.

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The Hrebenyky gas metering station is engaged in the transportation of gas across the border of Ukraine with Moldova.

“The modernization of the station’s technological piping made it possible to significantly increase the maneuverability and reliability of the GTS, especially if the transit of Russian gas is halted from January 1, 2020,” it said. “The design capacity of the station after the modification is 70 million cubic meters per day in direct mode and 4 million cubic meters per day in reverse mode from Moldova,” it said.

The company explained that the work had been performed in accordance with the CES European Gas Connectivity initiative, which involves ensuring the transportation of natural gas through trans-Balkan pipelines in the reverse direction from Greece through Bulgaria and Romania to Ukraine and Moldova. UNIAN memo. Ukrtransgaz operates 12 underground gas storage facilities (USFs) with a total storage capacity of about 31 billion cubic meters.

The USFs are an integral part of Ukraine’s gas supply system and gas transit through its territory.

The company is also the operator of trunk gas pipelines carrying gas from Russia to the EU. Ukrtransgaz is wholly owned by NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.

(C)UNIAN 2019

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