Merkel, NATO chief reject Macron’s view NATO is dying

“NATO remains a cornerstone of our security,” Merkel told reporters

French President Emmanuel Macron used “drastic words” when he described NATO as experiencing a “brain death”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday, saying that was not her view.

“NATO remains a cornerstone of our security,” Merkel told reporters, according to Reuters.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also rejected the characterisation during a joint news conference in Berlin.

“Germany plays a leading role in our Alliance,” NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg tweeted. “We agree that a strong NATO is essential for peace and security in Europe, and that we must continue to invest to keep NATO strong.”

Earlier today, it was reported that French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with British weekly The Economist, warned fellow European countries that they could no longer rely on the United States to defend North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies.

“What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO,” Macron was quoted as saying, according to Reuters.

Asked whether he still believed in the Article Five “collective defense” stipulations of NATO’s founding treaty – under which an attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies – Macron answered: “I don’t know.”

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  • Looks like Macronovsky has turned to the dark side, and Merkel needs to put her money where her mouth is. 1.2% is a pathetic contribution from arguably the richest country in Europe.

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  • If we should ever leave NATO, NATO is indeed dead. So would be the pathetic European jellybean countries if mafia land were to perform a Ukraine or Georgia on them.

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  • And they said Le Pen was a bootlicker… Macron is the piece of shit i thought he is since day one…

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    • I agree with Macron on the point that NATO Europe should not depend on any US President to lead NATO because they won’t. You could have an Obama and tell NATO to “stand down” when little green men with Moscow accents move into the Crimea. You could also have a US nationalist that is so repulsive that Europe agrees to a gas pipeline with Muskovia. If France wants to jump in and hold the line in the Donbas, they should not have to wait for a consensus or permission from NATO. Macron should grab a sword and run right up to the front.

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