Garbage problem in occupied Yalta led to emergency declared

In Russian-occupied Yalta, a state of emergency was declared due to poor sanitary conditions.

Yalta “Head of administration” Ivan Imgrunt made a corresponding statement, as cited by RIA Novosti.

According to Imgrunt, the situation with waste management in the city has reached a critical point, and the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the population, in fact, does not bear any responsibility for unauthorized dumping of garbage.

Imgrunt instructed to divide the entire territory of the South Coast of Crimea into plots, determine their borders, mark them on a map, and assign to each institution or enterprise that will carry out cleaning there and maintain them clean.

A critical situation with garbage is observed not only in Yalta, but throughout the illegally annexed Crimea. Thus, the volume of waste at landfills in May of this year reached 55 million cubic meters, according to the “Head of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources” of the Crimea Gennady Naraev.

The fight against rubbish has led to the fact that Crimea residents are encouraged to deposit their rubbish at reception facilities in exchange for movie tickets.

(c) QHA


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