Bomb Scare!

We had to go into the city today on business. We took the metro to Teatralna, once there we cross over to the Green line, to catch the train at Zoloti Vorota and make our way to Lukianivska. Only today there was a complication, Zoloti Vorota and two other stations were closed due to a bomb threat. It was an inconvenience, but not a big problem, we just jumped back on the metro, and caught another two trains and skirted the closed station.

What was amazing, the trains were still allowed to go through Zoloti Vorota, even though the station was closed due to the bomb threat. Even more amazing, not one media outlet made a report about this, warning people to keep away from the area, or the station, which is crazy in my eyes. A google search reveals nothing. In any other country I’m sure a bomb threat in the capital city would have made the news. Is this a sign of things to come with Ze and his gang?


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