Trump comments on his relationship with Ukraine

U.S. President Donald Trump has stated that he has a very good relationship with Ukraine.

He announced this to reporters on Sunday, November 3, according to Fox News.

“My relationship with Ukraine is very good. My relationship with Russia is very good. My relationship with China is very good. People do not understand that I can get along,” Trump said.

He also added that his support for Ukraine was very good.

At the same time, Trump did not answer the question of whether he had told Russian President Vladimir Putin to get out of Ukraine.

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  1. Trump, along with his attorney general, William Barr are on a mission to demonize Ukraine.
    The attorney general is focusing on the theory, aired on far-right conspiracy sites, and raised by Trump and Giuliani, that Ukraine framed Vladimir Putin over the US election in a complex triple-cross operation by impersonating Russian hackers.doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services”.

    • We will see what comes out of the criminal investigation. Unlike the media, the Justice Department can provide proof and facts. Something that the media isn’t interested in lately.

  2. Trump has had his mind poisoned by Giuliani, Manafort, and the two pro Russian Ukrainians, despite every US intelligence agency telling him otherwise.

          • Just looked in the deleted comments, only one is Knuts, you have one, and there is a couple of others. I think 7 in all.

            • No,no. I had a six comments discussion with Knut on this article. Anyway… i think it was Red. And if this is true he can go fuck himself!

                • Just restored Knut’s comment. I think the discussion hanging on his comment was destroyed when his comment was crunched.

                  • Not sure if nested comments are deleted. On disqus the original comment could be deleted, but the replies remain.

                    • Reload the page. Two replies were restored. No idea what happened to the rest. But the question remains: WHY WAS A COMMENT CRITICAL OF TRUMP DELETED???

                      Are we free press or Trump press???

                    • “As I have said before, if you’re a Trump supporter you are no friend of Ukraine!”
                      So you would condone that statement bro? Is this the kind of trash you want here? Then let Putin win…

                    • His comment and link were both related to the article and Ukraine. You cannot delete his comment because of his opinion! You could have responded to him in the same way you responded to me. And yes, Knut is obsessed with Trump, and no cure is currently available – except for a 2nd Trump term. 😂 Anyway, let’s move on now.

                    • He is a selfish, uneducated, egotistical, closed-minded prick that is ONLY here to cause division. He could be a Russian, Mike. There are hundreds of hate Trump sites so why is he here? He would be easier to tolerate if he said something nice about Ukraine once in a while.

                  • Not sure, but it won’t happen. In case further comments critical of Trump are deleted i will leave. I’m not anti-Trump, but i value freedom of speech. The original UAToday also never deleted critical comments or the trolls. It’s the ukrainian way, not the way of Russia or China!

                  • Wrong again troll. There are many many anti-Trump comments here if you open your eyes and look. Yours was the 1st that needed to be deleted because of it’s divisive, lying nature. If you don’t like Ukraine and don’t want to help Ukraine, go the fuck away! I don’t remember you EVER saying something good about Ukraine. America too, thought that’s not necessary, it just divides people more and more.

  3. Rutabega Giuliani should be in jail with a few others. Turnip Trumpet needs to analyze things better rather than take the word of these POS’.

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