StopFake #259 with Marko Suprun: Russian godfather diplomacy

Editor’s Note: The Kyiv Post publishes the English-language videos from, a non-governmental organization that debunks myths and fake news about Ukraine. StopFake began its work after the EuroMaidan Revolution that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, triggering Russia’s war in Ukraine. The project was launched by alumni and students of Kyiv-based Mohyla School of Journalism and the Digital Future of Journalism.

Fake: Ukraine’s Naftogaz is wrecking negotiations with Gazprom and blackmailing Russia. Ukraine’s National Memory Institute promotes hatred and incites conflict. Ukraine can establish maritime borders with Russia only through recognizing Crimea’s annexation.

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    • Or threaten and blackmail, knowing the EU pussycats will huff and puff and say both sides should show restraint.

    • Just saw this, seems that Muscovy is once again changing the rules of international law. I don’t have access to this shit on TASS, but I can post the link for anyone who wants to see the latest BS from the Kremlin. Basically they are saying Ukraine have to admit provocation in their own territorial water to get these ships back.

      • Just the usual lies and backwards disinformation from the Aggressor nation. Here are the bullet points:

        Ukraine will have to admit its provocation in the Kerch Strait in order to start negotiations about the return of its ships from Russia.

        Russian authorities do not want to waste money on storing others’ property.

        “Ukraine has never pursued goals of releasing either the sailors or the ships. Ukraine needs a political demarche. Ukraine is again staging a political provocation, thinking neither about its property nor about their people,” Kovitidi said.

        “Remains of the Ukrainian fleet have been rusting in Crimea since 2014, but persistent requests to take them back are ignored by Ukraine,” the senator added.

        At present Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations is looking into lawfulness of actions of the country’s former leadership, namely the deployment of three naval ships to the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018.

        • I can imagine what’s left of Ukrainian ships from 2014, just an empty shell, same as with these last 3 ships they hijacked. I see a trend, Ukraine have to drop all court cases for gas talks to resume, admit Ukraine gave Crimea to Muscovy as a birthday present, and provoked Muscovy into invading Donbas.

          • Bingo. Ukraine would have to dive into complete absurdity and appease the invaders while at the same time invite the invaders to kill more Ukrainians. It would be like the rape victim admitting to inviting the violence because she used perfume. There is no hope for the brainwashed sheep that reside in Mordor.

            • I think it’s desperation by the Moskali, they will do anything not to make it look like Ukraine victory over them. Pretty pathetic really.

              • The only people they are fooling are Russians. At the same time, they are likely to continue the policies they are announcing to the Russians. Poor Russia is the victim of Ukrainian aggression, and are forced to respond by killing Ukrainians. There is no independent thought in Muskovia, only the repetition of thoughts from the Kremlin. You could ask a Russian what the weather is and they would look at the Kremlin website for the answer.

                • Yeah, it could be pissing down outside, but if the Kremlin says everything is nice and sunny in Muscovy, they will blame the weather on a CIA provocation. LMAO

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