Purpose of Putin aide’s Donetsk visit revealed – media

Surkov went for a short-term trip to the occupied stronghold of Russian occupation forces in late October. REUTERS

During the visit to Donetsk, one of the two cities in eastern Ukraine, along with Luhansk, which have remained beyond Ukraine’s control since mid-2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov reportedly raised before puppet “authorities” the issue of “passportization” of local residents.

“The issue is raised very sharply because both Surkov [who oversees the Donbas issues in the Kremlin] and Moscow assess the level of passportization as recognition by the locals of the ‘republic’,” Obozrevatel wrote citing a Ukrainian blogger Fashik Donetskiy.

At a meeting with the “DPR” self-styled officials, Surkov reportedly “yelled until he wheezed and everyone got a whooping” – including the terrorist “leader”, Denis Pushilin, and the so-called “mayors” and ” ministers” of the wannabe “republic”.

After a flood of cursing and swearing along with all sorts of threats, Putin’s harshly demanded that at least 80% of the residents of the occupied territories obtain local “passports” [non-recognized internationally], according to the report. As reported October 25, Russian president’s aide Vladislav Surkov arrived in Donetsk.

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  1. This is how they try to legitimize their fascism? By forcing those that cannot leave to take Moskali passports? 80% have already left and about 30% of the remaining 20% are willing to do anything to survive…including changing their passports. In reality this is about 7% of the original population. This is FAR from legitimizing the invasion.
    Slurkov can yell and cuss all he wants to but it won’t change the facts.

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