Ukraine summons French envoy over Macron’s remarks

The Ukrainian foreign ministry has summoned French ambassador Etienne de Montaigne de Poncins to request explanation over French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks about Ukrainians, the local sources reported.

In an interview with the right-wing magazine Valeurs Actuelles, the French president said that he would prefer legal migrants from Africa over “illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian gangs”.

“In connection with the appearance of media reports about the words attributed to French President Macron, the French ambassador to Ukraine was invited to the Foreign Ministry to provide explanation. The French ambassador noted that the French side has no complaints about Ukrainian citizens traveling around France. Therefore, Macron’s words regarding migration and legal employment were taken out of context,” the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Kateryna Zelenko, said.

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  1. The Frogs have immigrants from Africa, legal or otherwise causing all kinds of troubles. Damn Frogs in Canada tend to be a problem also. Case in point is our daesh PM Turdo!
    Just goes to illustrate my point Ukraine should integrate all reforms to fully join the EU, but stay with the Association Agreement in similar manner as Norway.
    The Frogs have been inviting trouble on themselves with supporting muslim cult immigrants. My recommendation to Ukrainian people is to stay out of those areas and countries. Money may appear better, but they wuld be better off in Visgrad countries.

  2. Who is Macron? A wimp without a scrotum. Even his people hate this brainless imp.
    What is France? Many areas have been turned into no-go zones, slums and downright shitholes and this through the third-world trash that this short moron loves so much.
    I’m certain that the French people have decidedly different attitudes towards Africans and Ukrainians than their presidential turd.

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