Trudeau: Canada will always support Ukraine

Canada pledges to always support Ukraine and Canadian-Ukrainian community for the benefit of both countries.

“We will always stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian Canadian community. I look forward to working together to create a better future for both peoples,” Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said while delivering address to participants of the Triennial Congress of Ukrainian Canadians held in Ottawa.

Canadian PM recalled that he had met with the President of Ukraine in July and during the meeting “underscored Canada’s unwavering support for Ukrainians, as well as the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” “I also highlighted our country’s support for Ukraine’s movement through democratic reforms to inclusive and accountable governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights,” the Prime Minister of Canada said.

Trudeau added that since Canada became the first Western state to recognize Ukraine’s independence, “we have remained close friends and partners.” “More than 1.3 million Ukrainian Canadians now consider Canada their home. For generations, these communities have woven themselves into our national fabric. Due to their language, culture and traditions, Ukrainian Canadians have changed and continue to change our country for the better,” he said.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is the umbrella organization of all Canada’s Ukrainian non-governmental organizations. Founded in Winnipeg in 1940, it is made up of six provincial councils and 34 departments in cities across Canada.

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  1. Canadian PM daesh Dustbin Turdo is a slimy weasel who will kiss backside, no matter which hand was used to wipe it, or no hand. The evil shit tries to be all to every group. Well that is impossible! He is correct on one thing, Canada has benefited from the large contingent of Ukrainian people that have chosen Canada and continue to chose Canada for an opportunity for a better life.

    • I suspect that Trudeau may be just trying to gain some support in the western provinces where the majority of Ukrainian Canadians live.
      His government failed to get a single seat in these provinces in the recent federal election.

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