Russia has nothing to do with relations between Hungary and Ukraine, – Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister calls policy under the presidency of Petro Poroshenko “anti-Hungarian” and believes that Transcarpathian Hungarians’ rights will be taken into account during Zelensky’s leadership

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urged not to consider relations between Hungary and Ukraine in the context of Budapest’s relations with Moscow. Orban said this at the press conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Interfax reports.

“When the media writes about relations between Hungary and Ukraine, for some reason it very often explains this situation in the “Russian-Hungarian” context. I think this is unacceptable. Our relations with Ukraine need to be interpreted in the context of Hungarian-Ukrainian relations. I think this is the only way to understand the situation,” Orban said.

According to him, Hungary is fighting for its own national interests in relations with Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Hungary stressed that Budapest would not approve a statement made by NATO ambassadors about Ukraine, as long as Ukraine does not take Hungarian Committee’s proposals on Hungarian minorities living in Transcarpathia into the account, European Truth reports.

At the same time, Hungarian Prime Minister expressed his hope for the improvement of relations with Kyiv under the new government.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that the previous government of Ukraine pursued anti-Hungarian policy. It is a new leadership now, and we are looking forward to new positive opportunities,” Orban said.

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  1. Of course not Orban. It’s just a huge coincidence that Hungary take the pro Russian side with everything concerning Ukraine.

  2. the last time i seen ukraine on the news they were throwing rocks at russian forces because america pulled out and deserted them,and they fought there heart out for freedom untill they had no bullets left-now im seing undercover russian muslim brotherhoods paradeing the streets of ukraine poseing as white suprimists-oh yes,and in case any1 didnt know it-the freemasons formed the muslim brotherhood!!

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