The 2019 World Democracy Forum will feature the echo of Moscow and the deputy head of RT

The World Forum for Democracy 2019, organized by the Council of Europe, will be held in Strasbourg (France) on 6-8 November. The theme of this year’s forum is “Is Democracy at Risk in the Age of Information?”

This was reported on the Council of Europe website.

The World Democracy Forum is held annually, featuring politicians, cultural figures, experts and activists. In 2019, the forum is scheduled to discuss the validity of information, how it helps or hinders citizens who participate in democratic processes, and what lessons the society needs to learn to ensure the free dissemination of information in the future.

This year, the editor-in-chief of the Russian radio station Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov  and the deputy editor-in-chief of RT  Anna Belkin were invited to speak at the forum  

Recall that on November 6, 2019, the OSCE will hold a press conference in Moscow with Lavrov in Moscow . 

Earlier, it was reported that Anna Belkina, deputy editor-in-chief of Russia Today’s propaganda TV channel,  became one of the speakers at the Global Media Literacy Conference in Sweden .

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  1. This Council of Europe has lost all credibility. Inviting speakers from a country to talk about democracy, when the sole purpose of that country is to destroy democracy, is truly bewildering.

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