Medvedev orders to create gambling zone in occupied Yalta

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered to create a gambling zone “Golden Coast” in the city of Yalta, occupied Crimea.

The text of the order was published on October 28, the official portal of legal information of the Russian Federation reports.

“To create a gambling zone “Golden Coast” in the territory of Yalta municipality,” the order reads.

The gambling zone is proposed to be opened on an area of 147,000 square meters. Head of the occupying administration of Yalta Alexey Chelpanov earlier stated that a land plot in the village of Katsiveli, which is a part of Yalta, had been allotted for creation of the gambling zone. The site is located outside the populated locality.

At the end of December 2018, the Azov-City gambling zone was liquidated in the Krasnodar Region of Russia. It opened in 2009 and became the first gambling area in Russia after restrictions on gambling had been introduced in the country.

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  1. Great! Many tourists from North Korea, Venezuela and Turkey will come there. What’s the jackpot anyway? A weekend in Archangelsk? Free ratburgers for life? Or toilet paper with a rouble logo?…

  2. Highly original name, but stolen from the Gold Coast in Australia. Not that Crimea in any way compares to Australia.

  3. I thought that there is already enough tourists visiting the Crimea. There’s never a need to legalize gambling if this were so. Ergo, they lied about the number of tourists. No surprise there…

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