Russian nuclear submarines to test new weapons in Norwegian Sea

Two nuclear submarines of the Russian Northern Fleet will work out deep-diving in the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea. During the tests, new weapons will be tested, reports Interfax news agency wit reference to the press service of the Northern Fleet.

As the press service of the Fleet reports, the crews of the nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) Nizhny Novgorod and Pskov began to practice the deep-diving in the Norwegian Sea. Submarines will work out the dive to the maximum depth which is possible for submarines of this type. Also, submarines will work on maneuvering at various depths, and the tests of new weapons. Drills will be one week long.

During the deep dives, individual samples of equipment and weapons will be tested for compliance with the technical characteristics declared by the supplier,” reads the message of the Northern Fleet.

The fleet command stressed that deep-diving in the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea is a common practice for submariners, as the depth of the Barents Sea does not allow safe dives to the maximum depth.

Nizhny Novgorod and Pskov submarines are Russian multipurpose nuclear submarines of Project 945A Condor, further development of Project 945 Barracuda.

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  1. Test your new weapons, mafia land, build new weapons, spend money like there’s no tomorrow, mafia land. Sooner or later, this money-spending will bring to you the gift of collapse, just like it happened to the Soviet Union in its attempt to keep up with the United States.

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  2. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be a crewmember on this submarine considering the number of deadly failures the Russians have had doing this.
    K 152 in 2008 20 dead
    Losharic 2019 14 dead.
    Kursk 2000 114 dead.
    And these are just the ones that we know of.

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