United States renews duty-free treatment to Ukrainian goods

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a decree to terminate the suspension of the duty-free treatment to certain eligible articles that are the product of Ukraine.

According to the White House press service, the decision was made because “Ukraine has made progress in providing adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights.”

In December 2017, duty-free treatment was suspended because, according to Trump, Ukraine made insufficient efforts to protect intellectual property rights.

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  1. White House officials delayed a trade agreement with Ukraine in late August, around the same time President Trump was withholding security aid to the country.
    The decision suggests the Trump administration’s actions toward Ukraine went beyond holding up the $400 million in security-related aid.

  2. Notice this manure pile is centered on the WH. Trumpet, family and closer associates.
    People I talk to think nothing will be found on Trump. Things are starting to come out despite his obstruction. I think just a matter of time, the loyal GOPers are starting to waiver.

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