Zaporizhia activist stabbed in heart

She is undergoing a surgery following a gruesome attack.

Head of the Zaporizhia Roma Center “Lacho Drom” and wife of a local anti-corruption activist Konstantin Belov was stabbed in the heart at an apartment block outside her apartment earlier today, local police say.

The attacker has fled the scene and remains at large.

Police scrambled to identify and locate the attacker. According to President of the Association of National Minorities of Zaporizhia Region, Naufal Hamdani, the victim’s name is Angelika Belova, born in 1995.

The young woman is now undergoing a surgery at a local hospital.

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  1. Stabbing women seems to be coming popular in Ukraine. No doubt the scumbag was paid a few Euros to kill this woman, hopefully he failed in his attempted murder. I’ve no doubt the police will fail to find who’s behind it too.

    • They still haven’t sent anyone to prison over Handziuk’s murder. Somehow this will end up the same I believe.

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