Purchasing power of Ukrainians lowest in Europe

The per capita purchasing power of Ukrainians remains the lowest in Europe, according to an annual survey conducted by the analytical company GfK.

“Ukraine takes last place with a per capita purchasing power of EUR 1,830,” the company said in a press release.

According to researchers, Europeans have an average of EUR 14,739 (UAH 408,400) per person available for spending and saving in 2019.

Sixteen of the countries considered by the study have above-average per capita purchasing power, while twenty-six fall below the European average.

Liechtenstein takes first place with a per capita purchasing power of EUR 67,550 (UAH 1.87 million), followed by Switzerland – EUR 42,067 (UAH 1.16 million) and Luxembourg – EUR 35,096 (UAH 972,600).

According to GfK’s study for 2018, the average per capita purchasing power in Europe last year was EUR 14,292 (UAH 396,000) and in Ukraine it was EUR 1,318 (UAH 36,500).

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