Maybe time to say goodbye…

I think it’s time for me to finally say goodbye.

It seems i angered Sir Scradje so much that he won’t come back no more.

Since he spends way more time here and he is such a nice person compared to myself, i think i should leave in favor of him.

Some of you have my mail or FB to contact me.

Thank you for the time i could spend with you!

Slava Ukraini! Slava Heroyam!


  1. Don’t leave mike. Sometimes we need to take a breather. We don’t all agree all the time. Welcome to reality, but we also have to develop a bit of a thick skin to get through life, especially these days.

      • Hang in there Mike. We all have strong opinions that are very justified. Don’t worry about me an Knut, I hope he will come around and realize who the real enemy is. Besides, this site is therapeutic for you. You can laugh your ass off and it can be good exercise for you :))

      • The Prairie Provinces, some of NW Ontario and a few ridings voted Conservative. The Lieberloons lost 20 seats from the previous election. Conservatives won 26 more, but the Lieberloons still got the most seats, but not a majority. The ignorant and stoopid from PQ and Ontario bought the candy daesh Dustbin Turdo was selling. Only prblem is they have not figured out that candy came out of his ass.
        Does not help Rockefeller Brothers Trust funds NGO’s to impede oil pipelines to benefit their American interests. Obumer also endorsed Turdo as a good climate and immigration proponent. I had some respect for Obumer previously, but I flushed that this morning, with the brown trout. Then there is Sak-o-meat Singh, the NDP leader. Facking socialist. The only party that wanted to keep fiscal responsibility was the Conservative Party of Canada. The rest all want to spend money like it grows on trees.
        I believe there is a coming depression like 1929 or worse. I read a report by a man yesterday, who has been/is involved in the stock markets that confirms my thoughts, a year or two and the recovery will be 20+years.
        I came into town to use WiFi before I ate breakfast, as I was certain the election news would toss it up!
        Canada is now FUCKED!

  2. Everyone has an opinion, and that’s how it should be. We might not agree with it, but that’s life, and we have to respect that. Both you and Scradje are important contributors to the cause, and we need as much support as possible. Nobody needs to leave this site because of a difference of opinions, even Fox news are fighting amongst themselves over Trump.

    • I noticed some bright sparks between Red and Knut as well. Red should stop whining about Trump bashing and take it with humor. Are we a team or not? We can’t go on like this. Only because i think that ‘five eyes’ is way outdated, not to say for the ass, doesn’t mean i disrespect or dislike a certain gentleman on here. I am willing to continue, but only if all folks here get their sense of humor and some tolerance back.

      • The way I see it, primarily this is a site for Ukrainian affairs, if an article has something related to Trump and Ukraine that’s fair enough. I think every leading politician in Europe and the US has been fucked by us in the past, and with good reason. We are defeating the object of this site if we can’t take critcism of any certain party or leader we support. Trump has deserved criticism, so did Obama, but nobody on here has criticized the US for backing Ukraine.

      • It was a completely innocent comment that since I now can post articles there will be many about Trump. I honestly thought everyone realized it was a joke, until I was threatened to be ejected from the site πŸ™‚

        • Nobody gets ‘ejected’ here. One can leave, but nobody who fought with us for almost half a decade will be banned from here. I don’t understand why Red said that. In case you will be banned, i will follow you on your way out. Freedom of speech is a high good, and i have to admit that on the old site i also undermined that goal sometimes, but i had an excuse… i was drunk. πŸ˜‚

          • Red seems a bit less touchy these days. Might be coming to grip with the concept there could be grounds for concern.

          • I had a small bit of respect for Obummer as I think the healthcare was a good program, not perfect but could be worked on while supplying health care to lower income citizens.
            I totally lost it this morning when I saw a news post that he had endorsed our Lieberloon PM, daesh Dustbin Turdo. I had to go into town to get WiFi to find out more about our election results, before having breakfast as I am fairly sure it would not stay in my cast iron gut. For prairies Canada, it is that bad an outlook.

      • I go with a sense of humus and a bit of thick skin. Kind of like older potatoes. Not to thick like rind on watermelon.

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