Ukraine’s Government: Currently impossible to disconnect from Russian energy system

The energy systems of Ukraine and Russia are united historically and it is technically impossible to disconnect from Russia’s system now.

Ukraine’s Government: Currently impossible to disconnect from Russian energy system

“Our energy systems are connected historically. They exist as one system and only one part – the Burshtyn Energy Island – has a connection with the European energy system. Our goal is to integrate fully with the European energy system. This is confirmed by relevant documents and commitments which Ukraine has undertaken. However, it is technically impossible now. Everyone should understand that technical imports exist regardless of whether there is a legal amendment or not. These are technological flows that are regulated by the relevant technical agreements between the operators of Ukrainian and Russian systems,” Deputy Energy and Environmental Protection Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Shubin said during an hour of questions to the Government, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, the Government of Ukraine is taking steps to disconnect from Russia’s energy systems but it is “technically impossible” now.

“I hope that in the next three years we will be able to create the technical and economic preconditions for connecting with Europe. This is one of the Government’s priorities,” Shubin added.

As reported, since July 1, 2019, a full-scale electricity market has started operating in Ukraine. The launch of a new market model allowed opening electricity imports. Currently, Ukraine imports electricity from Slovakia, Hungary and Belarus.



  1. Ukraine is capable of reaching energy independence if it had capable leaders in the right places. Every year that passes without laying down a solid strategy is a wasted year. It is high-time to cap this last Ruskie ball and chain.

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