Ulster Unionist Nazis spoil healthy Brexit

The protestant Nazis from Northern Ireland as well as the filthy Labor scum declared they will not support the deal between Boris Johnson, the Irish government and the EU.

As a consequence both the UK and Ireland will now face an economic disaster.

I’m not known to be an EU fan, and this won’t change, but the protestant Nazis from Northern Ireland just fucked the whole region. Fuck them!

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  1. Slurring the Ulster Unionists as nazis is from the same playbook as the putinazis referring to their victims: Ukraine as nazis. Total fucking shit. The real nazis are IRA/Sinn Fein, who actually did support the nazis in WW2 and inflicted nazi-type atrocities on their victims, who were mainly innocent Protestants.
    Who wrote this kremkrapp? I hope it was not you Mike. If it was, you are horribly mistaken.

    • I wrote it. And don’t threaten to leave again. Brexit is a joke already. You wanna leave or stay? The whole thing looks like a conspiracy. If you want a hard Brexit – why still talk to the EU? And if you don’t – why the ongoing bullshit???!

      • Parliamentary BS with the Lords for one group trying to keep revenue streams from the EU.
        It is all a fackup. The referundum should have had a 60% mandate.

    • Yeah I remember the IRA, knee capping, tar and feathering victims, bombing buses, or any way they could cause the maximum amount of damage.

      • We was on a visit to Tower to see the Crown Juvels when the doors was suddenly closed, it was a bomb alarm and we was locked in with “the bomb”. It’s the longest minutes in my life!

  2. I forgave you for the occasional offensive Alex Jones drivel you wrote because you are a good and likable guy. Last time you offended me ironically on behalf of your fellow Americans because you accused your own countrymen of complicity with 9/11. Now you refer the victims of 40 years of vicious terror from the worst murder gang until aq/isis came along as being nazis? That is appalling. The photo is an IRA mock-up btw. When you are wrong you usually admit it. I hope you will do so again.

        • But their buddies making a soft Brexit fail IS relevant. I should not have posted this article, but i’m pissed off! Good night!

      • Which is not known for reliability. It is the home of top putlerite journalist Peter Hitchens. Loyalists just don’t dress like that and certainly don’t do nazi salutes. When the kremkrappers come up with a pic of some retarded Ukrainians flashing nazi salutes, do you conclude that they are all like that minuscule minority?

    • 40 years? You need to study up on Irish history.
      Try 700 years of oppression, ethnic cleansing. cultural genocide and outright genocide.
      All the techniques the British/ Americans learned about how to treat Native Americans, they perfected in Ireland.
      The losses from the potato famine as a percentage of the population makes the Holodomer look like someone forgot the desert pie at a church picnic. The population was cut in half and has still not recovered to this day.
      The IRA play tough and dirty but when you are fighting one of the most powerful countries in the world you have too.
      Because those fascist Protestants play just as though and dirty.

      Here is a quote from Oliver Cromwell
      “In the eyes of English law there is no such thing as an Irish catholic.”
      Look up a few terms from Irish history.
      “Hell or Conaught.”
      “Potato Famine”
      Easter Rebellion”
      “Black and Tans.”
      “Marching season.”

      • Propaganda that is worthy of a kremtroll. You choose to compare the systematic, planned genocide of the holodomor with a naturally occurring event such as the potato blight, which also occurred in the highlands of Scotland. It affected 25% of the population, not half as you claim and a large proportion of those losses were due to immigration to the mainland as well as to the New World.
        I am not an imperialist or a proponent of the British empire and I do not hate the Irish. In fact like 25% of English, I have Irish, as well as Welsh antecedents. And we get along pretty well, despite the lies and hatred of people like you. IRA/Sinn Fein is the enemy of all Ireland, since it wants a socialist United Ireland built on the ideas of Marx and Lenin rather than the Roman church. It was and is prepared to torture and kill members of its own community for alleged crimes of collaboration. At the height of what were known as ‘The Troubles’, a few hundred terrorists controlled by Irish gangsters were committing crimes of terrible savagery against innocent people. These were degenerates who were happy to blow up children in a fish and chip shop or knock on the door of an off duty policeman, shoot him in the face in front of his children and run off laughing.
        The DUP are not and never have been involved in terror of any kind and are no more fascist than you or I are. They are fully observant of the Good Friday Agreement and happy to coexist with the Irish Nationalists, with most of whom they have excellent relations. In proportion to its size, Ireland does far more trade with Britain than Britain does with America and I fully expect that to continue, despite the ignorance and hate promoted by the likes of you.

      • Well put, Murf! Ireland is Ireland as much as Ukraine is Ukraine. The North was repopulated as were Donbas and Crimea in Ukraine, only to later annex it. I don’t blame to ordinary british today for what happened, but some people always tend to tuning history into their favor. Anyway, let’s focus on Ukraine and move on now!

  3. Would the Brexit referendum outcome have been the same if Putler had not been financing the bullshit?

    • The referendum was realized by David Cameron, not Vladimir Putin. Putin is not as powerful as the pro-EU shitmedia wants to suggest. Politics is a concert of power, corruption and lies. It may never change…

  4. So far, Boris Johnson had his 6th total defeat in a row by the Parlement. Surpassing Ms. May hear, hear.

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