💔 We, Ukrainians, are in love with Europe, Europe is in love with Russia, while Russia hates both us and Europe, but behaves differently towards us and Europe.

📙 Yuri Andrukhovych (Юрій Андрухович) mentions such a love triangle in his interview for #UkraineStories book. 👉 Now you can download the book not only in pdf, but also in epub and mobi formats:

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  • This fine person has managed to find exactly the right words to encapsulate the entire grotesque situation.
    I would put it this way: a wounded man is on the ground in pain. A thug keeps kicking him, landing blow after blow, whilst a large crowd watches. Most are indifferent, some are egging the thug on and a tiny number are trying to stop the beating but are held off by the vastly superior numbers of the thug’s supporters.

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