SBU suspects former deputy minister of economy of working for special services of the Russian Federation – media

The SBU is investigating the possible work of the former Deputy Minister of Economics for the Russian special services .

Ukrainian News writes about this with reference to the case materials.

According to the investigation, the case is related to an attempt to disrupt the production of large-caliber shells in Ukraine.

The court materials say that since June 5, the investigation has been under art. 111 ( treason) of the Criminal Code.

According to the investigation, from 2017 to the present, the ex-deputy minister of economy, together with a US citizen, representative of the American company Gray Fox Logistics and director of the State Enterprise Ukrainian Bezpek Center, to the detriment of the defense potential and economic security of Ukraine, take steps to provide assistance to the foreign state subversion.

In August 2015, a US citizen carried out the assignment of the Russian Federation to receive information about plans for the supply of weapons and ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He arrived from Russia to Ukraine to establish contacts with employees of the Ministry of Economy and state enterprises that are involved in the implementation of the State Defense Order.

He learned about the plans of the Ukrainian side to establish serial production of 152-155 mm shells and entered into a criminal conspiracy with the director of the State Enterprise and the ex-deputy minister of economy.

According to the SBU, the defendants in the criminal scheme did not plan to supply Ukraine with the necessary equipment, however, they organized the conclusion of a secret contract between the Bezpek state enterprise and the Artyom plant to fulfill the state defense order.

According to the document, equipment had to be purchased and delivered to the plant to ensure the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of existing production capacities necessary to ensure the serial production of shells of 152 and 155 mm caliber shells. The contract should have been completed before December 30, 2019.

At the moment, during the pre-trial investigation, the SBU has a need to conduct an examination of this contract by an expert to clarify the circumstances that are relevant to the criminal proceedings.

In October of this year, the court granted the motion and ordered a handwriting examination.

According to media reports, Vladislav Glazunov is the director of Bezpek, and Yury Brovchenko was the deputy minister of economy responsible for the defense sector from July 2016 to September 2019.

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  1. Ukraine need an antidote for this Russian virus. All government employees, related to defense and security need a thorough screening.

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