WTF ?!

Hey Ukraine, WTF is wrong with you?!

A television clown becoming president? WTF?!

Steinheimer formula? WTF?!

Kolomoisky coming back after a 3 billion US$ theft, advising the president? WTF?!

Yanuk scum returning to Ukraine while one after another corruption suspect is being put on free foot? WTF?!

Pro Life russonazies second strongest party? WTF?!

Prostitution to be legalized? WTF?!

Either the elections were rigged, Ukrainians are all doped and drunk, or they have a great sense of humor… you decide…

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  1. Ukraine needs to fight fire with fire: mirror the activities of the putinazi regime, eg: teach the citizens to hate the putinazi regime and its supporters, but not with propaganda. Instead of the 24/7 anti-Ukraine lies and hate that the kremlin blitzes its own people with, Ukraine should simply tell the horrific truth about its hateful neighbour 24/7. All putlerite scum should be interned without trial for the duration of the occupation and their property, cash and business assets seized. There are still putinazi banks trading in Ukraine: sequester them. There are still transport links with Russia: suspend them. Break off diplomatic relations. Shut down the embassy and consulates, which are mainly nests of spies, agent provocateurs and assassins anyway.
    Ukraine needs to break off dealing with bad faith ‘partners’. The Franco-German axis is as much use as a dose of pox. Accordingly Minsk, Steinmeier and Normandy should be recognised for what they really are: a steaming pile of quisling cack. Ditch them and start again. Even dealing with an unreliable oaf like Trumpkov is preferable to the frogs and krauts because at least Trumpkov has some principled people in the GOP.

  2. Must agree the country is facked up. So ready/greedy to get the proserity going they are now jumping in bed with anyone. They will shoot themselves in the foot with this stupidity!

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