Ryanair to launch 18 new routes from Ukraine in summer

Ryanair to launch 18 new routes from Ukraine in summer

“As for Ryanair’s plans for Ukraine in 2020, we are going to increase the air carriage by 33%. We have five airports already – Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv – and Kherson is added now. Next summer we will have 43 routes and 18 of them will be new routes to Spain, Germany, Poland. Hungary will be the next country Ryanair will connect Ukraine with,” David O’Brien, Chief Commercial Officer of Ryanair, said at a joint briefing with Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Krykliy on Tuesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

Next year, Ryanair plans to carry more than 2 million passengers from Ukraine, which would create 1,500 jobs at Ukrainian airports, he added.



    • There is a therapeutic salt lake near there, known as the ‘Ukrainian Dead Sea’. Has anyone been?

        • Yeah, and 7 euro for half a litre is a good bargain. I prefer First Guild Grand vodka, quite expensive at 20 Euro for 700ml, but worth every cent.

      • It’s called Kuyalnik Sanatorium, and is approx. 10km north of Odesa. I haven’t been, but it looks OK. Here is a short video about it’s health giving properties.

        • Looks nice enough, but sanitariums make me nervous! I have been to Odessa, but did not know of that place. I knew that there was a salty ‘Liman’ there, so that must be it, because of course the Black Sea is only very slightly salty.
          The place I heard of is a salt lake near Kherson, 3 or 4 hrs away from Odessa, unfortunately not far from the occupier scum. Didn’t get a name for it, but apparently it is warm too, even in winter.

          • There are many sanitariums where I live, they had well maintained buildings and gardens, but after the USSR collapsed, nobody took care of these places, now they are left abandoned, and nature has taken over.

    • Yes. Ukrainians seem remarkably tolerant of these cold hearted integrity-free countries. Or perhaps they just don’t know how friendly they are to putler and unfriendly towards them? Sad.

    • The airports in these destination countries are not the main airports, but usually some half assed municipal airport miles from anywhere.

  1. An increase of carriers and flights to and from Ukraine is a good thing. But, I really like Boryspil because of the few passengers there, when compared to other, run-over international airports.

    • Now that the Rail link into Kyiv has opened its quite good too, although they need to increase the frequency of trains running.

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