“Russia walks into Ukraine as if it’s their home”: Italian journalist points to UEFA’s double standards

UEFA may move the Champions League Final from Turkey, while giving Russia the right to host.

Fabio Licari, a journalist with the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta della Sport, has commented on a possible transfer of the Champions League Final 2020 from Istanbul.

UEFA will consider calls to move the Champions League Final from Istanbul in connection with the Turkish army’s military operation in Syria, according to gazzetta.it.

According to Licari, in this case, major competitions should not be held in several other countries either. The journalist recalled that Russia had been waging war against Ukraine.

“We would like this to cover Russia, which walks into Ukraine as if it’s their home; and also China, which systematically carries out repressions against Tibet; Saudi Arabia, which ignores basic human freedoms and kills journalist [Jamal] Khashoggi; the United States, which abandoned the Kurds; Egypt, which killed Italian student [Giulio] Regeni; as well as Ireland and Luxembourg, which became tax havens for international companies ravaging workers…”

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  1. The journalist is correct when he says Muscovy should not be allowed to host this game. How can EUFA give a prestigious game to the world leaders in drug cheats, and liars? Plus being a terrorist state should disqualify them from holding any sporting competition.

    I fail to see what China, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Egypt, Ireland and Luxembourg have anything to do with this article. Perhaps the author needs to write at least three more articles, as he has lumped a lot of issues together in one small rant.

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