Court Cancels Ban On Sale Of Alcohol In Kyiv From 11 P.M. Till 10 A.M.

The Supreme Court has terminated the ban on sale of alcoholic drinks, low-alcoholic drinks and beer in Kyiv between 11 p.m. and 10 a.m.

Respective decision was posted in the State Judgments Register on October 7, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in March 2016, the Kyiv City Council decided to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks, low-alcoholic beverages and beer.

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        • Banning the sale of alcohol is a pointless exercise, the drunks don’t go to these establishments to begin with, they either make their own, or buy the cheapest and nastiest vodka they can afford.

  1. Theories abound that this is the reason why the Brits are binge drinkers, the rush for the last few drinks before closing time (instituted in the first world war) meant that drinkers drank quicker and in larger quantities.

    Far more young people don’t drink in the UK now that ever before since the relaxation of licensing hours.

    Restricting something makes it desirable.

    • They used to get around the closing time rule with the proverbial “lock in”. I don’t know whether this still happens, but at one time, every town had at least one pub where the proprietor would lock up and have a private party and the drinkers would then become his guests, rather than his patrons. Such establishments were always frequented by some pretty ripe characters: members of the entertainment professions, bent coppers, gangsters, sex workers and assorted lowlife.

    • Yup. Yanks found that out with prohibition. Capone made a fortune. Ukrainians around Preeceville, Saskatchewan sold home brew to his boys for transport into the US. He had a couple of houses in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan to hide out when things got too hot in Chicago. Now a museum that has a tunnel they built between the houses to escape in the event one got raided.

  2. Another attraction to Moosejaw is that the Snowbirds Airial Demonstration team is based there. You can drive out and park on the side of the highway. It is a training base for advanced flight training. You can watch jets coming and going and if lucky watch the Snowbirds practice routines.

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