‘Betrayal’. Belarus detains, frees Russian citizen suspected of meddling in US elections

Russian national Anna Bogacheva, who was detained in Belarus on the US request, is now at liberty, the Russian Embassy in Minsk reports.

Российская гражданка Анна Богачева, о «ситуации» с задержанием которой правоохранительными органами Беларуси проинформировал ряд СМИ, в разговоре с сотрудником консульской службы Посольства России в Республике Беларусь сообщила, что находится на свободе.

— Посольство России в РБ (@RusEmbassyMinsk) October 15, 2019

On Tuesday, the fact of Bogacheva’s detention was confirmed by Alexander Malkevich, a representative of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; he referred to the detainee’s husband.

The woman is involved in the case of meddling in US elections. Bogacheva was put on the list of 13 Russian citizens against whom the charges were brought in the wake of the investigation of US prosecutor Robert Mueller. She allegedly worked for the so-called Internet Research Agency established by Evgeniy Prigozhin who is commonly known as Putin’s Chef.

In turn, Russian MP Viktor Vodolatsky expressed outrage at the situation.

“No sane person in Russia can make heads or tails of it. Why is brotherly Belarus, with which we are building the Union State, behaving in such a way,” RIA Novosti quotes him.

According to him, the Belarusian authorities are seeking to show off their independence from Russia and the willingness to comply with all US instructions.

“This is a betrayal,” the deputy stressed.

Anna Bogacheva is 31 years old. Previously, she was an activist of Russian nationalist organizations. Since 2014, she has been working for the ‘troll factory’.

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  1. Did the US really think Luka would risk upsetting the dwarf over this? Belarus is another country that allows criminals to freely roam the streets, and I’m surprised they even arrested her in the first place.

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