Ukraine sweeps its way into UEFA EURO 2020, defeating Portugal 2:1 in Kyiv

00:00, 15 October 2019 UKRAINE

Andriy Shevchenko’s squad sealed the top spot in Group B ahead of the last game day of the group stage they will play with Serbia.

Ukraine have stunned European champions Portugal 2:1 in Kyiv, sealing the top spot in Group B of UEFA European Championship Qualifiers with 19 points and leaving an almost 70,000-strong crowd at the Olympiyskiy Stadium and millions watching the TV broadcast ecstatic.

The first half saw Ukrainians scoring twice (Roman Yaremchuk, 6′, and Andriy Yarmolenko, 27′), while Portugal apparently failed to penetrate the defense lines of Andriy Shevchenko’s squad.

In the second half, Taras Stepanenko’s unfortunate handplay within the box brought him a second yellow card-turned-red and resulted in a penalty shot perfectly performed by Cristiano Ronaldo, who during the remaining minutes before the final whistle was often spotted demonstrating frustration with his teammates’ pass quality and his own act.

In the last minutes of injury time, Portugal had several chances to equalize, but first keeper Andriy Pyatov and then a crossbar stopped Fernando Santos’s team short of leaving Kyiv with at least one point.

Thus, Andriy Shevchenko’s squad sealed the top spot in Group B ahead of the last game day of the group stage they will play with Serbia.

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    • I had the misfortune to see that. There was a bunch of organised thugs dressed in black doing nazi salutes and monkey chants. I would not be surprised if the kremlin had a hand in it. Putinazi scum are embedded in Bulgarian society and the rodent has many supporters. In Marseille in 2016, military trained putinazi thugs were sent to attack flabby, boozy England fans. Even some cunt in the Duma praised the thugs.
      On a more positive note, I saw an interview with Tyrone Mings. Very cool name, sounds like a slide player from Decatur. I had never heard of him before and was impressed that he came from a championship team: Villa. Anyway, he was quite a revelation: intelligent, articulate, mature and with an inspiring back story. (As a child he was forced to live in a homeless hostel due to his father being scum).
      Ian Wright also was very dignified.

        • Drat! I blew my cover! I am in fact a time traveler. I don’t use a DeLorian though. I tend to use warp drive.

                • The language of the righteous! Actually I like the way it alters itself when it gets transplanted to far flung places. In parts of Virginia, they speak a dialect that is similar to the modern Devon accent, which I always find enjoyable. In Australia, they always have to stick a ‘y’ sound or an ‘o’ sound onto the end of nouns, eg: barbie, arvo, bottle-O, servo etc. I also like the pigeon English of the South Sea islanders: eg: plane = ship stop along sky.

                  • Devon in Virginia? Only Anglos and Czechs there. 😊

                    Strine is indeed beautiful. The South Sea Islanders may have had too many coconuts falling on their headz. 😂

                    • The pilgrim fathers traveled from Plymouth in Devon to what is now Plymouth Mass. I guess some of them moved south for the warmer climate! In Devon, which is on the Celtic fringe, people still speak with an ‘ooh arr’ accent that is a bit like the Deep South.
                      This is a short clip of Virginians who sound like Devonians:-


                    • Birmingham, Alabama, Manchester, Tennessee, Durham, North Carolina, York, South Carolina and Boston, New England sound more Anglian. 😀

                      You sound like a regional patriot from the area though. Devon people are the most British inhabitants, since their ancestors already settled there 2000 years ago. 😉

      • I will be interested to see the response from EUFA over this incident. Where were the Bulgarian police? Had English fans been causing problems on the terraces, you can rest assured the stadium would have been swarming with them, ready to beat the crap out of the fans..

    • You know you suck when your team is doing so badly that you have to entertain yourself with stupid antics like that. There should be a hand gesture for, “You Suck!” lol

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