Ukraine can now use US-produced Javelin missiles in Donbas

US-produced Javelin anti-tank missile systems can now be used in eastern Ukraine following the transition to an open arms purchase procedure between the two countries, former Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Valeriy Chaly told news outlet in an exclusive interview.

“We can now use these new anti-tank missile systems, when they are bought, at our discretion. And station them where we want, for example in eastern Ukraine,” he said.

The diplomat admitted that the current batch of Javelins will not change the balance of power in the Donbas, but it will save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. “When we acquired the first Javelins, the number of attacks on key areas decreased. The militants were afraid to get into tanks, because they knew that the anti-tank systems were covering from above,” Chaly emphasized.

The former ambassador believes that Ukraine will have new opportunities to purchase modern American weaponry after the current batch of Javelins has been delivered.

“Ukraine is now receiving great assistance from the United States. Of course, it’s not the same amount as Israel or other US allies, especially Egypt. Nevertheless, we hold one of the first places in this area. And it’s defensive equipment, training programs. We have made a tremendous effort in order to establish this trust. The Pentagon knows that the Ukrainian Embassy has always been able to safeguard too sensitive information in order to achieve concrete results. We have taken a huge step forward. The relevant purchase terms have already been approved by the Pentagon, the Department of State, and now Congress is considering it. And I’m hoping for a positive result, that we will get this batch, after which opportunities on an entirely different level will open up to us. We currently need several other modern systems,” the former ambassador concluded.

The first batch of Javelins, worth $47 million, arrived in Ukraine in spring 2018. Then US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said that Ukraine had not paid for the weapons. In Autumn 2017, BuzzFeed reported with reference to sources in the US government that President Donald Trump did not want to give Ukraine weapons for free.

Shortly thereafter, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the military assistance program for Ukraine envisaged both free and paid-for weapons. In summer 2019, the US embassy reported that Ukraine had asked to buy weapons from the US for the first time.

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  1. In other news, Ukraine has announced the opening of several scrap metal yards within the occupied zones……

  2. ‘Of course, it’s not the same amount as Israel or other US allies, especially Egypt.’
    Indeed so. As I have pointed out before, Israel receives $3.5bn/yr and Egypt receives $1.6bn/yr, presumably to bribe them not to attack Israel. Afghanistan gets an eye-watering $5.7bn/yr.
    Aid figures are hard to pin down, but it would seem that Ukraine receives $511m/yr. Pakistan, a country that harbours terrorists, receives $836m/yr. And so it goes on. Shithole country after shithole country all doing better than Ukraine in terms of support. Yet these countries hate America. Ukraine does not. Britain gives £463m/yr to Pakistan, a country that hates us and can afford a nuclear weapons programme. What a fucking disgrace.

  3. Great to hear that the Ukrainian military can finally use this weapons system . Although it is a very effective and capable weapon it is also very expensive. It is often more expensive than the target it destroys.
    Having a large number of them available is more of a deterrent to Russia. They will think twice before sending waves of tanks into Ukraine because they are well aware of it’s capabilities.

    • Russia is thought to have 15,000 battle tanks available, so the javelins are only a token. For a Budapest signatory, the US is very stingy. Especially in comparison to the substantial amounts paid out to shithole countries.

  4. Yes, I think that the sale of these are more of a symbolic gesture.
    There are many other weapons systems which would be much more useful and effective although it does have a sophisticated infrared sensor which can be very useful for the infantry.
    I agree with you that the amount of military aid given to other countries is shameful.

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