StopFake #256 with Marko Suprun: Russian language war

Editor’s Note: The Kyiv Post publishes the English-language videos from, a non-governmental organization that debunks myths and fake news about Ukraine. StopFake began its work after the EuroMaidan Revolution that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, triggering Russia’s war in Ukraine. The project was launched by alumni and students of Kyiv-based Mohyla School of Journalism and the Digital Future of Journalism.

Fake: Donbas war started over language. Dutch parliament demands Ukrainian responsibility for MH17 crash.

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  1. It is important to remember that Girkin’s invasion into the Donbas didn’t occur until 2 months after Yanukobytch ran home to the Russia. If it was really a popular uprising it would have happened a lot quicker than 2 months. And Zelensky must be really out of touch to believe the war is about language when thousands of Russian-speakers have died. If it was about language, why didn’t Putler invade L’viv?

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