The European Parliament calls for an effective strategy to counteract Russian misinformation

MEPs deem it necessary to create an international legal framework for a robust response to hybrid threats, including cyberattacks and misinformation.

The corresponding resolution was approved by the European Parliament on October 10, writes DW.

In the document, MPs called attention to the “extremely dangerous nature of Russian propaganda” and called on the European Commission to develop an “effective strategy for the prompt and reliable counteraction to Russian misinformation.” 

469 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, 143 against, 47 deputies abstained.

The European Parliament is concerned about attempts to influence the course and outcome of elections in the EU and neighboring countries. The Balkan countries, as well as the participants of the Eastern Partnership program, in particular, Georgia and Ukraine, as noted in the resolution, are also subject to undermining the “normative foundations, principles of European democracy and sovereignty”.

In these countries, the European Parliament believes, the EU should provide concrete assistance: for example, to support independent media.

In the resolution adopted, Russia was once again called the “main source” of misinformation in Europe, but added that not only Russian state and non-governmental organizations were “undermining interference” in the socio-political life of EU countries. Yes, MEPs have also blamed China, Iran and North Korea for trying to weaken the EU.

According to MEP Pascal Durand of the “Refresh Europe” faction, the money allocated by the EU to combat misinformation is scanty compared to the amount spent by other countries on subversive activity in the EU. For example, he estimates that Russia alone has allocated about a billion euros for propaganda campaigns in France and Italy. At the same time, a strategic communication task force (StratCom) set up in the EU has a budget of only three million euros per year to counteract propaganda.



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