Is this war about Ukraine, or is it about Ukrainian women?

Since 2014 Ukraine is at war with her Russian ‘sister’. But was 2014 truly the beginning, or was it already 2004?

Anyway, the battle for Ukraine continues. First Russia claimed that Ukraine is an integral part of Russia. Later the EU, sponsoring Maidan, claimed Ukraine belongs to Europe.

Since Maidan Ukraine continues to face hardships. Why is that? Isn’t controlling the Crimea all Putin wants? And isn’t Ukraine being associated with the EU all Germany wanted?

Ukraine has no oil or gas to steal. So what do they want? Our women?

It almost appears so. And Trump’s disrespect towards Ukraine, as well as Zelensky’s plans to legalize prostitution, prove one thing – they want our women.

But Ukraine is not (yet) a brothel, and Ukraine is not for sale.

By James Kollreuter, AP

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  1. Ukraine does have oil and gas to steal and Russia is indeed stealing it. Along with coal and numerous other mineral resources.
    Occupiers prefer rape to prostitution.

  2. Russia has been at war with Ukraine for hundreds of years, not just since 2014. They have done their best to eradicate the Ukrainian state, and people, but as with everything connected to Muscovy, they failed. Not sure if this is supposed to be a serious article, but the author seems a bit clueless. Putin wants to destroy Ukraine, and stop her moving to the West, to join either the EU, or NATO.

  3. Sorry, mafia land, but if you would treat your own women with more respect and if the “men” wouldn’t drown themselves in alcohol, less Russian women would prefer being with foreigners … or with other women.
    Jokes aside, mafia land just wants to steal and subjugate as much as possible. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

  4. About your women, maybe russians like ukrainian women, i mean you are very close related in culture and language. But there are others who are a much greater threat, belive me in this.

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