The pro-Russian organization is going to present a film about the downed MH17 in The Hague

According to Ukrinform, Dutch researcher and journalist Robert van der Noorda has produced a report on Russian propaganda that has been mobilized around the topic of MH17.

A key link in the dissemination of misinformation in the Netherlands is the pro-Russian organization “Global Rights of Peaceful People”. It is “Dutch” by name only because it includes “compatriots”, natives of the Russian Federation, who are actively used by the Kremlin in its propaganda activities.

Back in 2016, she actively expressed herself during the Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. At that time, its participants carried out an active  misinformation campaign  on Ukraine. 

The researcher’s report says that the organization regularly organizes various conferences, forums, protests that manipulate facts and seek to influence public opinion in the Netherlands.

Another attempt at manipulation, Robert van der Noorda, calls a late-October movie about a plane crash co-authored by former propaganda journalist RT (Russia Today) Jan Yerlashov . The event is also hosted by Global Peaceful People.

A similar event was already held on 17 August in Kuala Lumpur as part of the MH17: Justice Inquiry conference, which promoted “alternative versions” of the MN17 investigation.

Ukrinform reminds that money was raised through crowdfunding for this movie. The authors are Jana Erlashova and Dutch blogger-researcher Max van der Werf .

At the time the Kickstarter fundraiser began, she was still an RT employee. In October 2014, she visited the site of the M17 disaster. Yerlashova has made two documentaries for RT, claiming that Malaysian Boeing crashed due to an attack by a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter.

Max van der Werfe calls himself an independent researcher from the Netherlands. He blogs in which he tells his theories about the causes of the M17 disaster. The blogger does not recognize the findings of the international investigative team. The very next day, after the results of the investigation were made public, he told his “truth” in the studio of the propagandist Novorossiya TV.

Earlier, the Media Detector wrote that the fake site, which pretended to be a monthly newsletter of the European Parliament, appeared to be mostly filled with Russian Today’s propaganda material.

In addition, Media Detector previously spoke with Robert van der Noorda. He told us how he researched millions of tweets from Russia’s Troll Factory. For more information, see Researcher of Russian Internet Trolls: I Have My Base with Hundreds of Active Accounts .

We also  described a  tool from that detects the dynamics of the emergence and dissemination of Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian infoprost.



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