Zelensky does not rule out that conflict in Donbas could be frozen

The occupied territories of Donbas differ from Transnistria or Abkhazia in the ongoing shooting.

“I would not like the conflict in Donbas to be frozen. I wouldn’t want to have Transnistria or Abkhazia. I don’t want this very much. I cannot guarantee 100% that this will not happen. Honestly, what do we have now? We actually have Transnistria there. There are no relations, some humanitarian mission is present there, shooting. That is, the only thing that differs us, the temporarily occupied territories, from Transnistria or Abkhazia is the ongoing shooting. And it doesn’t matter whether we will build there a fence, a ravine, whether the territory will be mined, or something else. If we do not have relations and do not recognize this territory, it is Transnistria,” Zelensky said during a press marathon at the Kyiv Food Market on Thursday.

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  1. There you have it. He wants to surrender 7% of the country’s landmass for ‘peace’. Thus kicking the 13,000 families who lost their loved ones in the teeth while the tiny poisoner sits in his bunker gloating.

    • What is better, leaving the staus quo, or having part of the country reunited with people who have been brainwashed into hating Ukraine? Then Ukraine will be burdened with billions in repairs, have an infiltration of pro Russian scum back in Ukraine, to add to the ones already here. Ukraine’s best solution, kick this corruption in touch, utilise the farming to it’s maximum, attract investors, and try and make Ukraine prosperous. We all know Russia will do everything in it’s power to stop that happening, including a full on invasion, because he knows Europe will do nothing about it.

  2. I think that the Ukrainian people will not approve of handing over the Donbass for the sake of the “presidential glory” of having achieved peace. Remember, Zelesnky, a lingering war looks worse for the little piece of turd that instigated it than it does for any Ukrainian president.

  3. He said he would bring peace in his campaign and he will probably deliver, but on terms highly advantageous to putler. This was likely always his plan, probably because he knew that Ukraine is in effect alone in the world, with two filthy, integrity-free countries masquerading as honest brokers but in reality acting as putler agents in expediting that accursed Steinmeier surrender treaty.

    • I bet things would change if Zelensky pivoted to the Crimea….which the tiny poisoner doesn’t want to speak about. After all, I think the Donbas invasion was just a distraction.

      • Yes. I think it was planned to help them consolidate the theft of Krym. So far it’s gone all putler’s way. When will the psychopathic little turd start to run out of luck?

        • When someone in the West calls him out, and lays it on the line for him. Sadly I see nobody on the horizon.

            • He’s kept a low profile during all this, no doubt he will be hoping to benefit if he runs for POTUS in the next election.

              • If impeached, Trump would drag down Biden too, since he and his skanky son will also be exposed as venal crooks. Result: Dem supporters will hate Ukraine as much as the trumpoids, whose minds are already poisoned by trumputin media such as Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, infowars, Michael Savage etc. Better for the GOP to force Trumpkov to resign and put in someone who would take appropriate measures to help Ukraine. Rubio is one who actually published the approach he would take. It was quite good.
                No Democrat has come up with anything that would be of any help. The issue is just of no interest to them. Diplomacy and yet another ‘reset’ is pointless with a fascist regime. And so are the current pathetic sanctions.

                • If Trump was impeached, which is debatable at the moment, I believe Trump would drag everyone down with him. So far he’s still got the support of the GOP, if that starts to erode, that will be the end for Trump I think. They have to decide if they can win the next election with him, or someone else.

  4. But he did at least attempt to offer solutions, not just condemnation. And he took the trouble to go on the record with it. Have a look at what he said. Haley, like Rubio and Ted, has an interesting back story: a Sikh who converted to Methodism. At least it will be hard for the crypto commies to play the race card with her.

  5. Haley is good, tough as nails too. The US needs an experienced diplomat in the POTUS position with a proven track record and willing to put their thoughts and proposed direction on paper and sign it.
    The current mafia Goon and pack of hitmen just is not right.

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