Russia Plans Its Own Version of Wikipedia by 2023

The project aims to attract three times as much traffic as

Russia is aiming to roll out an online encyclopedia in three years with a readership five times the size of Wikipedia’s, the RBC news website reported Wednesday, citing procurement documents.

Russia has been planning to create its own version of Wikipedia to ensure Russians have access to more “detailed and reliable” information about their country since as far back as 2014. Russia previously attempted to block Wikipedia over an article containing instructions on how to prepare a type of cannabis drug.

The 2 billion ruble ($30 million) project is expected to launch at the tail end of 2022, RBC reported. The online encyclopedia will reportedly contain more than 80,000 articles from the 35-volume Great Russian Encyclopedia.

Procurement documents analyzed by RBC state that Russian Wikipedia will need to have the capacity to handle 15 million unique visitors every day. For comparison, under 3 million Russian users visited every day in July 2019.

Registered users will reportedly be able to propose new entries, but an expert community will have final say on whether to expand and update the encyclopedia.

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  1. Yet another project from fantasy land. Just a few facts about Wikipedia. It has 18 billion views a month, 20,000 new entries a month, and is one of the most visited websites in the world. Yet Muscovy are going to create their version with 5 times the amount of readers? Good luck with that. I have heard the Muscovy version will be titled – It Wasn’t Us.

    • “…but an expert community will have final say on whether to expand and update the encyclopedia.”
      In every language but Russian, that means it will be Kremlin-approved just like everything else in the fake country.

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