Prystaiko: Russia Not Interested In Normandy Format Meeting

Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine, Vadym Prystaiko, considers that the Russian Federation is not interested in the meeting in the Normandy Format (with the participation of Ukraine, Germany, Russia and France).

He said this on the Svoboda Slova [Free Speech] political TV show on the ICTV channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He said that unfortunately France and Germany were very concerned over the speediest resumption of the business as usual.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy considers the so-called Steinmeier Formula to be a very complicated issue requiring the solution at the Normandy Format meeting.

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  1. Of course Moscow is not interested. They want Ukraine by the throat – not peace, while the krauts and the froggies want all Russia-sanctions lifted asap…

  2. Coughed up a hairball with that statement. The Sauerkrautes and Frogs want business as usual ASAP. Time Z grew big hairy cajones grande’, got real advisors even if they were part of the previous government and get serious. We know which bed the limp wrist Sauerkrautes and Frogs lay in, and we know the mindset of the hard nose murdering midget.
    With another report relating that Pootlerstan has two trainloads of heavy materiels in a railyard in Rostov, they are in intimidation mode or more likely move forward as Ukraine relinquishes positions. Likely planned for night movement to hide the activities. Sounds to me like preparation like for Debaltsve.
    I sure hope I am wrong!

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