Russia reports false information to ITLOS on return of three Ukrainian vessels

According to Commander of Ukrainian Navy, Russia does not want to return the vessels as they are the evidence of the aggression for the court

Commander of Ukrainian Navy Ihor Voronchenko stated that Russia provided false information to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea concerning return of three Ukrainian vessels seized in the Kerch Strait as Ukrainian News reported.

According to him, after the return of 24 Ukrainian sailors on September 7, the Russian Federation reported to the court that it returned the crews and the vessels.

“They said they passed the vessels and the crews. They officially reported to the court,” Voronchenko underlined.

In fact, according to Voronchenko, Russia does not want to return the vessels as they are evidence of the aggression for the court.

“Can you imagine what if they pass us the boat Berdyansk with shelled сockpit, what will take place?,” he said.

Voronchenko stated that the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine sent the request to Russia on return of the vessels but did not get the answer yet.

On September 7, the prisoners’ exchange took place between Kyiv and Moscow in 35 for 35 format.

24 Ukrainian sailors and 11 political prisoners – already ex-political prisoners – captured by Russia over the past five years, returned to Ukraine. Faces of the released Ukrainian sailors, left activist Oleksandr Kolchenko, filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, journalist Roman Sushchenko, Crimean Tatar Edem Bekirov and the rest of former captives were seen in the crowd. 

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  • Muscovy have previous when it comes to evidence of terrorism carried out by the swamp, just ask Poland.

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  • Can’t return the boats yet. They need to put them back together again after dismantle to inspect and determine what enabled them to be so maneuverable. I would not put it past them to attempt to conceal surveillance equipment on board. Plus they need to repair shelling damage to hide the fact for the Hague.

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