National Police Head Klymenko Advocating Legalization Of Prostitution

Head of the National Police, Ihor Klymenko, advocates legalization of prostitution and opposes legalization of soft drugs.

He said this in the interview for the Livyi Bereh publication, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He also said it would be inexpedient to raise the question of legalization of firearms before the end of the war in Donbas.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed deputy head of the National Police, Ihor Klymenko, as its head instead of Serhii Kniazev.

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  1. Sex tourism is not a good market to develop. Degenerates can go to putlerstan or Thailand for that.

  2. “Controlled” in the manner of Holland, maybe.
    Dustbin Turdo legalized recreational cannabis use in Canada. Not supposed to toke and drive though. Not working out real well yet. Turdo has not done one good thing for Canada during his term. Two weeks to election, hopefully we send him to ISIS!

  3. Part time drama teacher, groper and doper running the country. I must say I have had no troubles with people who have partaken of wacky weed. Now booze seems to not bring out the best in many personalities.
    Legalizing cannabis is the least of my concerns with Dustbin Turdo. His mission to repatriate ISIS fighters is among my top concerns.

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