Kyiv named among best foodie destinations in Europe

The capital of Ukraine is on the list of eight European destinations worth visiting for those who want to try something delicious.

The ranking was published by The Independent.

The authors note that Kyiv’s foodie scene is decidedly underrated. Travelers are advised to taste beetroot borsch, varenyky (including Ukrainian flag-coloured ones) and pig ears, not to mention chicken Kyiv.

“There are a number of excellent Georgian restaurants too and good news is that most places are as cheap as chips,” the article reads.

City of Marseille and the Provence region of France, Spanish Ibiza, the Italian mountain resorts of Courmayeur and Alta Badia, Greek Athens and Malta’s Valletta are also on the list.

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  1. I would die for chicken Kyiv now! The garbage they serve us here in the clinic looks like somebody already ate it before us…

  2. In the brief period of time when the putinazi regime was not murdering Georgians and Ukrainians, I observed that in Moscow, the developing (at that time) middle classes were flocking to Ukrainian and Georgian restaurants and were prepared to pay a hefty premium for what they were offering, which was of much higher quality than the other stuff available in that city. Then when putler started murdering Georgians, many of their restaurants closed down. Then he stopped the importation of Georgian wine, restarted and stopped again. This year he stopped Russian flights to Georgia, which is actually a good thing because who wants tourists from occupier scum countries? Georgia have managed to open up new tourist opportunities and develop new markets for their wine. I simply cannot understand why British supermarkets stock large amounts of crappy wine from Bulgaria and Romania, when they could get far better stuff from Georgia and Ukraine. Hopefully post-Brexit….

  3. Thanks mike, you’ve given me another job to dowhile I’m there this week, hunting down this Ukrainian flag coloured Varenyky so I can take my clients wherever it is that they serve it!

  4. Hospital food in Canada, at least Alberta and Saskatchewan, is OK. Not 4 star, but OK.
    I was in the hospital in Preeceville, Saskatchewan for observation. Brought food trays around, and usual is skimpy on serving size. Adequate when just sitting around. I had finished mine when some guy at the other end of the hall yelled at her that he would not eat that shit. I hollered, I will. So she brought me his tray on her way back.
    I hear some countries are bad, if you get meals.

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