China bypasses Russia in trade with Ukraine

The statistics on Foreign Trade published by the Ukrainian National Bank indicates that China bypassed Russia and became the leading trading partner of Ukraine. Its share in the total volume of trade in the first quarter of 2019 was 10.6%, while the share of Russia was 9.7%. At the end of 2018, the share of Russia was 11.5% and China 9.8%.

In January-March, Ukraine exported goods to China for $621 million and imported for $1,928 billion (negative balance $1,306 billion). Exports to Russia amounted to $592 million, and imports to $1.748 billion (negative balance $1.156 billion).

Germany remains Ukraine’s third-largest trading partner, followed by Poland, Belarus, Turkey, USA, Italy, India, and Egypt.

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  1. The Chinks are not exactly the best country to trade with, they are only interested in stealing technology. Ukraine have not spent 5 years moving West, to start trading with another country that has little regard for human rights and international laws.

  2. Somebody needs to wave Ukraine off trade wth China. A country always ends up on the deficite end with China and they are sending millions or billions to China. On top of that is intellectual property theft. Purchase one aircraft carrier and reverse engineer all systems. Much less expensive than developing the technologies. First thing they are undercutting aircraft carrier prices to buyers you are courting.
    I have a pair of jeans that patching is now more than the purchase cost. If I take them to be patched again, in three weeks they will have two or three more holes. I swear they are made out of reconstituted Yak turds. Couple of pairs of socks are the same.

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