What Putin Got From the Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

The biggest beneficiary of the Ukraine scandal is, sure enough, the Kremlin.


10/06/2019 06:50 AM EDT

Molly K. McKew is a writer and lecturer on Russian influence and information warfare. She advised the Georgian president and national security council from 2009 to 2013 and former Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat in 2014 and 2015.


This is a long article, so to save the time it will take to copy/paste each para, here is a link to this informative and important (IMHO) piece:-



  1. If Trump is forced to resign and drags down Biden with him, his fanatical supporters, already poisoned with anti-Ukraine hate by the lies planted by Breitbart, infowars, Michael Savage, Gateway Pundit etc, will turn their venom on Ukraine. The Dems, always hopelessly unreliable at the best of times and now infested with crapulous hard core student left ideology, will also turn against Ukraine. It will therefore be up to the GOP to find an untainted, reliable replacement with integrity who can defeat the Dems next year.

        • It’s all about Ukraine, we will see how everything shakes out with Trump. Ukraine is MUCH bigger than Trump. Hillary would have been much worse for Ukraine. Keep in mind Trump wasn’t president until almost 3 years into the war.

          • Clinton has obviously spent far too much time chewing wasps to be of any use to Ukraine and Trumpkov has spent too much time kissing putler’s ass to be of any use. GOP should jettison him and formulate a plan to keep the crypto-Marxist Dems out.

      • Putin jackboot-licker Giuliani wanted Trump to get Zel to investigate Biden, which in my view is fair enough. But Giuliani has a different agenda: a putlerite one: he wants to ‘prove’ that a) there is a Soros plot to discredit putler and b) that Zel is plotting with the Dems to help them unseat Trump, when in fact Zel is desperately trying to stay out of the Dem-Trump fight, even though he has agreed rightly to investigate Biden and his scummy son.

      • She’s one tough woman. I was hoping that she left her post at the U.N. for a run at Republican nomination. She definitely knows how to deal with Russia. Her quote:
        Russia will never be our friend,” Haley said at a Long Island Association event, repeating the phrase for effect. “We can never trust Russia under any circumstances.”
        She also made it known that she would not be bullied by Trump:
        Haley said of Trump. “I knew if you kicked him, he hollered. He knew that if he kicked me, I fought back.”

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