Ukraine can only rely on nominal sovereignty over Donbass. No more – Chesnakov

During the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine can rely only on nominal sovereignty over the now occupied Donbass. This statement was made by Russian political strategist Alexey Chesnakov, member of Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov.

“We need to be realistic. Ukraine, ultimately, will have nominal, but not real sovereignty over the Donbass. It does not need to count on anything more. Ukraine will not get more from the Minsk agreements”, – he wrote in his Telegram channel.

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  1. Meaning Muscovy have no intention of taking their garbage home, and will not abide by any decisions, or documents they sign. You tell us nothing new, everyone knows Muscovy cannot be trusted one millimeter.

    • Isn’t that what klimkin said a couple of weeks ago, that only a fool would believe in a treaty with Putler? He’s right. Look at Minsk if nothing else. He’s not only ignoring it but reading it backwards. Who on earth reads documents from the bottom to the top? I guess someone that does everything backwards….his kids must have been artificially inseminated……

  2. Mafia land can continue supporting the occupied part of Donbas ad infinitum. They have turned it into a cesspool anyhow … like their own mafia land.

  3. Only real solution is drop the Dumber roof on their lying rotten heads while in session! Kriminalin within seconds with 5 MOABs, one after the previous on the same target location. Intent would be to leave a bunker buster crater 100 meters deep in central moskali town.

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