Russian troops assault Syrian soldiers in Palmyra

Russian troops violently assaulted several Syrian soldiers over the course of 15 minutes in the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Syrian news outlet Soshals reports, citing the local newspaper Jorf News.

Jorf News wrote that the Syrian troops were rendering “various personal services” to the Russian soldiers, citing a leaked report given by the commander of the battalion to which the soldiers belonged. The source stated that “personnel of the republican guard were subjected to a cruel beating over a quarter of an hour. The Russian soldiers used the butts of rifles, canes and chairs, as a result of which the victims received serious wounds and fractures to limbs, necks and traumatic head injuries,” the newspaper reported.

The conflict reportedly arose when the Syrian soldiers demanded payment for the services they had rendered. The article does not specify exactly what these services were.

It is not yet known how reliable these reports are. At present, there have been no official comments on the incident.

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  1. The Syrian soldiers probably returned to the base without the vodka. After all, it is a Muslim country. Then the Moskali instinctively began beating the Syrians. Lesson; don’t get between a Moskali and his vodka…but that’s just a guess;)

  2. The article does not specify exactly what these services were.

    Blow-Jobs, Penis warming, Arse licking, Hand-Jobs, Procurement of small boys and girls, Loaning of Goats and Camels trained in sexual gratification.

  3. Bible relates what happened to Sodom and Gomorah. Needs to happen to Pootlerstan. No record or signs of where those towns existed. Could be the bottom of the Dead Sea or the Black Sea. I lean to the Black Sea with the layer of H2S in the water down 1.000 or 1.500 feet. Brimestone is thought to be sulphur. Normally in water it forms sulphuric acid, but at that depth and over a few thousand years, who knows.

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