Kremlin admits its influence on ‘LPR/DPR’, gives no guarantees of disengagement of troops

Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has not confirmed that the Kremlin can guarantee the disengagement of troops from the contact line in Donbas.

“Moscow, along with Berlin and Paris, is the guarantor of the Minsk action plan. Like all countries, we are interested in the fulfillment of all objectives that were planned in due course, put on a paper and signed by the four [representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France],” Peskov said, Interfax reports.

That was his answer to journalists’ questions as to whether the Kremlin could guarantee that the armed terrorist formations in the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions would be withdrawn from the contact line near Petrivske and Zolote localities.

Peskov distanced himself from the armed formations, stating that “the Kremlin certainly has some influence” on the so-called republics of Donbas, but “the republics of Donbas” in this case are allegedly “independent subjects of the settlement of this conflict.” Meanwhile, the Kremlin, according to Peskov, “is not a party to this conflict.”

As reported, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko has stated today that the disengagement of troops in the village of Petrivske and the town of Zolote in Donbas, which was scheduled to begin on October 7, has been postponed due to ceasefire violations by pro-Russian militants.

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  1. “the Kremlin certainly has some influence”

    Yeah Peskov, this like saying the sun has some influence on daylight.

  2. Pestcough is the little Ruskie turd, who is told by the other little Ruskie turd, Putin, what garbage to say. And, the leaders of Germany and France can’t seem to get enough of this garbage.
    We live in interesting times. The real and great statesmen of yesteryear can only shake their heads at so much international rubbish.

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