China thanks Kyiv for passing on military technologies

An article in the Chinese media has caused widespread expert and public discussion, especially in China itself. Even the title of the article being circulated by the Chinese press is controversial: “Thank you Ukraine. Over more than 20 years, this country has passed on so many major military technologies to China”.

The article notes that China’s military industry has undergone considerable development in recent years. Notably, China is now producing its own aircraft carriers, 5th generation fighters, submarines, and missiles, including cruise missiles.

“One could say that China has taken only three decades to develop weapons that the West spent 50 to 100 years on. And these accomplishments in the military industry cannot be separated from a country like Ukraine. A former Soviet republic, Ukraine inherited many advanced technologies from the USSR, and it ultimately passed on almost all of these to us (China),” writes China’s Sohu news outlet.

A cited example of this is the development of China’s tank industry after Ukraine passed on the technologies of several tanks, including the T-80. It is also noted that Ukraine sold China the aircraft carrier that is now known as the Liaoning.

“China was able to buy an aircraft carrier for only $20 million. And it contained not only the technology of how to build such an aircraft carrier, but also numerous other, truly key military technologies,” the article published by Sohu continues.

Experts add that one such technology was that of carrier-based fighters. However, more patriotically inclined Chinese remark that it is inappropriate and excessive to thank Ukraine, and that China’s scientists and engineers should be thanked instead.

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  1. It is really known as “theft of intellectual property”. While part of the CCCP, Ukraine was a codeveloper of many technologies. Good reason not to sell the Chinese anything beyond corn, Canola and used shopping bags.

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